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A launchpad towards your very own patent


Patent Drafting

PO is an online platform for drafting complete patent applications that are ready for you to file with the patent office of your choice – anywhere in the world.


Patent Search

A prior art search must be conducted before filing the patent application. Embark on the road to your very own patent with PO’s prior art search service.


Patent applications vary in complexity; PO can handle any level of complexity from extremely simple to moderately complex, all for the same low fee.



Drawings are attached to every patent application to illustrate and demonstrate the invention. Drawings must be simple and straightforward for easy interpretation of your invention.

Noe Slyomovics

Noe Slyomovics

Founder of PATENTim.ONLINE


Every inventor should have the opportunity to receive

a Cost-effective

Patent Application Drafting.

Every inventor should have the opportunity to receive a Cost-effective Patent Application Drafting.

Prior art search for $595 and Patent application drafting for just $2,990,

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