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Patent Drafting

PO is an online platform for drafting complete patent applications that are ready for you to file with the patent office of your choice – anywhere in the world, including national, regional and international patent jurisdictions. Should you prefer you may also file through a representative of your choice.

The patent application documents prepared by PO can be filed as a standard patent application or as a provisional patent application, according to your specific circumstances, and all for a flat fee of only $2,990.

How do we do it?

The patent application process typically has three main stages: drafting, filing and prosecution. Drafting is the most important stage in the process, effecting the later stages in the process. Professional and meticulous drafting provides for smooth sailing and has been proven to save time and money down the road.

Drafting is also the most expensive stage of any patent application process, and it is advisable to have completed drafting before you start raising the capital you will need for implementing your invention.

It is very common to see applicants cutting patent drafting costs by filing provisional patent application that do not include claims. Such practice is not recommended, for many reasons. At PO we will help you prepare a complete, professional patent application that includes claims.

It has been our experience that transfer of information from the inventor to the person drafting the patent application is a resource-intensive task, consuming much time and effort. With PO’s proprietary online platform, we are able to cut drafting costs by harnessing your knowledge to streamline the process. Our interactive questionnaire enables you, the inventor, to optimally explain and illustrate your invention, which enables us to offer an attractive price for the drafting service.

Once the questionnaire is complete, our professional staff, based on leading lawyers and patent attorneys, will process the data and prepare an informative, accurate and concise patent application based on the information you have provided.

PO’s platform is suitable for any invention on the range between extremely simple and moderately complex.

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, describe your invention and its methods of implementation.