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Noe Slyomovics, Adv.

Noe Slyomovics, Adv.

Founder and CEO

PATENTim.Online was founded by Advocate Noe Slyomovics in order to provide the each and every inventor with a cost effective online platform for drafting complete patent applications that are ready for you to file with the patent office of your choice – anywhere.

Mr. Slyomovics served for 8 years as the Israel Patent office deputy commissioner of patent. He was also the member of the team of specialists on Intellectual Property, for the UN’s Economic Mission to Europe (Geneva).

Mr. Slyomovics served also as a Judicial Hearing officer in the IL patent office and ruled hundreds of patent lawsuits.

Mr. Slyomovics founded PO, in order to provide a useful budget minded solution for all inventors that wish to file a better drafted patent.

With PO’s proprietary online platform, we are able to cut drafting costs by harnessing your knowledge to streamline the process. Our interactive questionnaire enables you, the inventor, to optimally explain and illustrate your invention, which enables us to offer an attractive price for the drafting service. so if you want to have your own patent application